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About us

Formerly known as Brew City Milwaukee, is an eating establishment that offers a range of lunch and dinner options. It specializes in Irish cuisine and serves a variety of appetizers, chops, warps, and sandwiches. The restaurant provides potato skins, onion straws, and chicken fingers.

Trinity Three Irish Pubs s menu includes mozzarellas, grilled vegetables, quesadillas, and nachos. It also provides roasted garlic and chicken pasta dishes. The restaurant offers grilled chicken Caesar, goat cheese, portabella mushroom, ahi tuna, ranch steak, and house salads. Trinity Three Irish Pubs serves a selection of domestic and imported beers from brands, such as Seasonal Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors Light, Rolling Rock, Smirnoff Ice, and Michelob Ultra. The restaurant also provides catering services.